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About the Dracul Department of Defense

Our Department of Defense was established in 2018, as it was considered a necessity in order to defend the fatherland. The army was first formed, followed by the Air Patrol several months later. Both branches of Defense allow both citizen and non-citizens to serve within the military. Another way of earning your citizenship is to serve, which many consider a more rewarding way. To ensure a secure and prosperous community, our Department of Defense provides both group and air protection around the clock. Currently headed by Secretary of Defense Scott Jeanes, the Army and Air Patrol continuously train and provide watch over the community.

Department of Defense Leadership

FM. Scott Jeanes

Army Commander

BG. Connor Modena

Marine Corps. Commander

BG. Stephen Luke

Air Patrol Commander

Department of the Army

Dracul's Department of the Army offers some of the best training that you'll find within the micronational community. Our command staff are veterans of the United States Army and Marine Corps.

Army Information

Department of the Air Patrol

For those looking to serve in an aviation branch, our Air Patrol offers many careers, both in the sky and on the ground. Earn your wings as a pilot of a Cessna or Drone; the choice is yours.

Air Patrol Information

Prezan Military Academy

Prezan was established in 2020, to better educate the micronational community, along the lines of proper military procedure and values. Prezan accepts enrollment from individuals with and without a micronation.

Prezan Information

Interested in defending a micronation against enemies, both foreign and domestic? Speak with a recruiter today and find your place within the Dracul Department of Defense.

Contact a Recruiter