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Military education, both in person and online

Prezan Military Academy was created in 2020, to provide the micronational community with proper military skills and education, after many militaries stated issues with structure and leadership. Courses at this time are offered tuition free.

At Prezan, our veteran led staff will provide resources, education, and testing to those belonging to other micronations, who wish to learn or improve on their leadership and military skills, to transition into a better soldier when returning back to their micronation of allegiance.

The Prezan Military Academy Leadership

FM. Scott Jeanes


U.S. Army

BG. Connor Modena


U.S. Marine Corps

BG. Stephen Luke

Head Instructor

U.S. Coast Guard

MAJ. Robert Fensome-Kemp


British Army

SSG. Bruce Cooper


Dracul Army-Air Corps.

Jordan Farmer

Guest Instructor

U.S. Army

Travis McHenry

Media Content Creator

U.S. Navy

Prezan Basic Curriculum

Military Knowledge

First lesson: Regulations, appointments, promotions, demotions, awards and decorations.

Customs and Courtesies

Second lesson: Rank structure, proper title usage, respect, how and when to salute, and reporting to Officers.


Third lesson: Guard duty, general orders, leadership, authority, military time, and phonetic alphabet and numbers. 

Leadership Principles

Fourth lesson: Responsibility, teamwork, setting examples, training, orders, and qualities of a leader.

Listening and Cooperation

Fifth lesson: Listening and observing, hearing versus listening, observation, evaluating, and communication.

Advanced Curriculum (In Development)

Basic Survival Techniques

First lesson: Techniques, water sources, water purification, shelters, firecraft, food, traps and snares, tools, plants.

Advanced Survival Techniques

Second lesson: Techniques, water collection, shelters, firecraft, food procurement, hunting, and coastal, desert, ocean, winter surivival.

Firearms Safety

Third lesson: Firearm definitions, safety rules, range rules, and the 10 commandments of shooting safety.

Marksmanship Fundementals

Fourth lesson: Parts of a rifle, firing positions, eye dominance, aiming, sights, zeroing rifles, and scoring.

Maps and Navigation

Fifth lesson: Introduction to maps, topographical maps, elevation and terrain, grid coordinates, measuring distance, direction, polar coordinates, and G-M Angle.

Download our Educational Flyer

Want to show others about Prezan? Download our free flyer below.

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Register for Prezan Classes, January 2022 Semester

Prezan Military Academy is pleased about your interest in our exceptional academy. For those interested in attending our academy, we ask that you leave your contact information, so we may speak with you about what you expect to gain from the program.

Prezan does not allow new individuals to enter ongoing semesters; all new cadets must wait for the new class to begin before starting. Each academy semester is approximately five weeks long. 12 credits are required to graduate on time with the rest of your class.

Applicants have a choice of day or evening class, depending on their availability. If you're unable to make time for classes, we ask that you not apply. Those interested must be willing to make the majority of their classes in order to graduate. In order to take advanced classes, you must graduate from our beginner class first. There is a $2 total charge for your diploma and official transcript after graduation.

To attend Prezan Academy, you must have or be willing to download the Discord app. All classes are held online, which include Powerpoint presentations and live audio lectures. For interested candidates who are unable to make either our day or night class; we offer an independent study program (ISC) for those to learn on their own. Independent study comes with a huge responsibility, no guidance from instructors, no lectures, and a high expectation of honesty. Those in the ISC must still graduate within five weeks and will not be allowed to rush through the courses. Classes take place on Mondays and Fridays each week.


Put "none" in the box if you are applying as a civilian.
Select Basic if you've never graduated from Basic.
Preferred Class*
U.S. Central Time Zone
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