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South Dracul

Gateway of Dracul

Learn more about South Dracul and why its now considered the "State on the Rise" within the region.

About South Dracul

South Dracul was the 2nd created State in the Commonwealth of Dracul. In addition to North Dracul, South Dracul serves as a region for Draculians to claim residency to. As the name suggests, the state is located in the southern portion of Dracul and is the state one first passes through when entering Dracul.

Kassie Bushong, the Founding Mother of Dracul, was the first Governor of South Dracul, who ran unopposed during her election. Since her marriage and childbearing, she has since resigned to spend time with her family. South Dracul is currently under the leadership of Governor Katie Arnold and Lieutenant-Governor Bruce Cooper.

The South Dracul State Legislature is currently seeking Senators and Representatives to pass laws and make changes for the State. For those interested in this opportunity, please contact bcooper(at)

South Dracul Leadership

Katie Arnold


Serving as the 2nd Governor of South Dracul, Katie Arnold came to Dracul in 2019, after being referred by the 1st Governor Kassie Hood. Governor Arnold strives to provide for her state and works closely with her Lieutenant-Governor.

Bruce Cooper


Lieutenant-Governor Cooper came to South Dracul after working with the Bran District City Council in 2021. Cooper has taken the initiative to create new programs and legislation to better the state with the Governor.