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Dracul National Webstore

Welcome to the National Webstore! Here you can find many commonly used items, mostly purchased by citizens of Dracul. If you are purchasing more than one item at a time, expect a prorated amount after checkout, as we will be packaging items together.

Dracul Identification Card

For citizens who wish to have an identification linked to Dracul, we now offer a PVC plastic ID card, with barcode on the back, that is programmed to your citizen number. Region name will depend on your state.

Dracul ID card

National Flag 2X3 Feet

Show off your Draculian pride by purchasing and flying a Dracul national flag. The flags are made of polyester and come with grommet attachments.

Dracul 2X3

National Desk Flag with Stick

The desk flag is the perfect size for your desk, mailbox, or to wave at events. Flag is the size of the typical hand. Does not include base.

Desk Flag

DOD Embroidered Patch

For members of the military and general public, you can purchase one of our Department of Defense patches, which are typically worn on our military dress jackets.

DOD Patch

National Lapel Pin

A one inch lapel pin with back attachment, great for wearing on collars and suit lapels. Glossy finish and high quality seal.

Lapel Pin